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Marketing: Manga for Success

$2195 $2395

Do you want to increase sales? Improve customer satisfaction? Or are you looking for a basic understanding of marketing to ace your class or improve your outlook in the job market? Whatever your reason for picking up this book, Marketing: Manga for Success makes essential concepts easy to understand using practical examples and situations. You’ll learn about:

  • Branding, viral marketing, and advertising and promotions
  • The importance of customer relationships
  • The 4 "P"s of marketing

The story follows Marimo, a young woman who wants to help her aging parents save their specialty pastry business. There isn’t much she can do but she wants to help them find new opportunities. Just then, she meets two mysterious characters who teach her how to rebuild the family business through marketing, step-by-step. Find out why the Manga For Success series―now available in English for the first time―is so popular in Japan, Korea, and beyond.

Author: Takashi Yasuda
Publisher: Wiley

ISBN 9781394176137
Dimensions: 6x8 inches
Pages: : 242