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M.J.Rumi-Fundamentals of Rumi s Thought (Russian)

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“In this volume we encounter Rumi living through the words of a contemporary Mevlevi Shaykh, Sefik Can.
Shaykh Can’s presentation of the biography and poetry of this passionate, God-absorbed Rumi reminds us of that message of love, acceptance of diversity, and self-transcendence that is the true essence of Islam. Here we meet Rumi as Sufi, as Muslim, but above all as lover of God expressed in the love of humanity.”
Marcia K. Hermansen
Professor of Islamic Studies
Loyola University, Chicago“

This is a remarkable and timely book. It nicely transcends the usual dichotomy of scholarly and devotional Rumi book by drawing on the wisdom of a magnificent contemporary living sage who drinks from the eternal fountains of compassion that flow through Mevlana’s writings. The level of engagement with all the classical Persian sources, and the spiritual sensitivity is astonish-ing. This is a luminous work that should be committed to heart by all Rumi lovers all over the world.”
Omid Safi
Professor of Islamic Studies
American Academy of

Publisher:The Light
Author: Sefik Can

Author: Sefik Can
Publisher: Novi Svet

ISBN 9789752782839
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