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Livwise: Easy Recipes for a Healthy Happy Life

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Healthy, imaginative, delicious, and well-balanced recipes from the kitchens of Grammy-Award-winning artist, Olivia Newton-John.  

From the Back Cover:

Over thirty years ago, singer Olivia Newton-John danced and sang her way through Grease, the most successful movie musical of all time. With a career spanning more than four decades with over 100 million albums sold, Olivia’s successes include four Grammy Awards, an Emmy Award, countless music awards, ten Number One hits, and over fifteen top ten singles, as well as numerous television and film roles. 
A breast cancer “thriver” for twenty years, she is still the picture of health and well-being. If you were wondering how she’s managed to look so good through all these years, wonder no more. 
The secret of Olivia’s success is no secret at all. She exercises daily and eats a simple diet based mostly on salads, vegetables, fish, chicken, and some whole grains. She firmly believes that what we eat is imperative to staying healthy and well-balanced and she shares this philosophy in her first cookbook, Livwise.
Recipes in Livwise have been assembled using Olivia’s own experience in the kitchen and with the help of nutritionists, friends, and chefs from Gaia, her Australian health retreat and spa. The resulting meals are imaginative, tasty, and very healthy, from delicious salads and snacks to hearty main dishes and guilt-free desserts. Recipes include: poached eggs with cilantro pesto for breakfast, chickpea patties and a carrot salad with papaya and orange dressing for lunch, and her family favorite, lemon chicken for dinner. The common thread throughout is the food philosophy behind them and the importance of eating a healthy diet, along with regular exercise, to help your body find its own natural balance.

Author: Newton-John, Olivia
Publisher: Lyons Press

ISBN 9780762780099
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