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Jesus : One Man, Two Faiths. Expanded Second Edition


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NEWLY EXPANDED. In his search for channels of dialogue between Christians and Muslims as we move further into the 21st century, the author finds that Jesus can be such a channel. Jesus, One Man Two Faiths explores a wide range of views within each faith that can be supported by what each faith considers to be its revealed scriptures and traditions. It explores Jesus' birth, his life and perfect servant and as suffering servant, his miracles, the events of Good Friday and Easter, the Ascension to heaven, and Jesus coming again at the end of time. One discovers not only similarities, some of which are quite surprising, but also differences that are more often complementary than contradictory, inviting believers in each faith to reflect on their own images of Jesus and, perhaps, expand those images in light of what the other has to offer.

Author: Ron Messier
Publisher: Twin Oaks Press

ISBN 9781937937072
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