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Introduction to Islamic Medicine (Revised and Updated)


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This is the first systematic study of Tibb - Islamic Medicine - as a living tradition, by a practising Hakim, to be published in the English language. Originally published in 1986, this is the 5th revised edition.

Tibb an-Nabawi - Prophetic Medicine - provided the impetus and the foundations for the synthesis of Tibb, which is a living tradition of health. Tibb was synthesised in the crucible of the Middle East, and integrated elements from Egypt, India, China and classical Greece. Tibb is an Arabic word, which in different places has been referred to as Arabic, Graeco-Arab, Hikmah, Unani, Islamic and Sufi medicine.

This book introduces the reader to Tibb as a holistic paradigm of health. It explains the history and philosophy of Islamic Medicine, as well as its psychological and physiological concepts. The book discusses Tibb's theory of causes, diagnostic methods and offerings for preventative healthcare.

Author: Khan, Mohammed Salim
Publisher: Mohsin Health

ISBN 9780992945602
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