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In the Quiet Noisy Woods

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Come and explore the quiet, NOISY woods, and follow two wolf pups finding their way back to their pack in this adorable read-aloud picture book—full of boisterous animal noises and artwork that will inspire kids to get out into nature.

Squirrels chit-chitter-chatter, foxes swoosh-whoosh-rush, a deer stomp-stomp-stamps, and a hawk scree-scree-screeches. Into these quiet, NOISY woods, readers follow two frisky wolf pups yip-yap-yowling and grr-ruff-ruff-racing as they find their way back to their pack. Children will love calling out the interesting animal sounds throughout this enchanting, fast-paced chase through a lush forest.

And young readers will come to know more about forest creatures and their interconnected lives, in this creative story by poet and naturalist Michael J. Rosen, who was inspired by the one-hundred-acre wood where he lives. The two final pages of the book include facts about each of the animals featured in this caper.

Annie Won's signature luminous artwork lights the way, showcasing the animals and their habitat with glowing warmth.

"The rhythmic, lyrical text builds cumulatively from page to page. . . . Lovely realistic paintings in earthy hues of greens, browns, and yellows evoke hectic daytime woodland activity before eventually settling down to a soothing nighttime conclusion."—Kirkus

"Highly recommended as a title to introduce children to the wonder of nature, well supported with beautiful illustrations."—School Library Journal

Author: Rosen, Michael J.
Publisher: Doubleday Books for Young Readers

ISBN 9781524766658
Dimensions: 0