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Islamic Faith

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The Islamic Faith is an introductory textbook designed for schools with a curriculum that
incorporates teachings of Islam. Edited by teachers who have practiced the content in the
classroom over the years, The Islamic Faith book offers a comprehensive program for
Islamic educational institutions that serve middle and high school level students.
The book provides reading material compiled from select literature on Islam and
elaborates on the creed further with sections like Key Vocabulary, Guiding Questions,
Discussion Tools, Critical Thinking points, and Lesson Review.
By the end of the program, having extensively covered the essentials of Islamic faith
students are expected to have developed their knowledge and show competence in the
following themes:
• understanding the concept of Faith (iman)
• recognizing and explaining the Articles of Faith
• identifying the Divine Attributes
• comprehending the concept of Tawheed
• understanding the mission of Prophethood
• the concept of Revelation, Holy Books and their importance
• belief in Angels and the invisible realm of existence
• belief in life after death
• Divine Destin

Author: Serhat Sen
Publisher: Tughra Books

ISBN 9781597849395
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