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Hearts & Minds: Hizmet Schools and Interethnic Relations

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This book is a comparative, qualitative research study of an educational phenomenon still functioning worldwide: Hizmet. Dr. Parrillo and Dr. Ansari present a cross-cultural study of Hizmet schools in seven countries of varying histories and ethnic compositions. Some are fairly homogeneous, while others are longstanding multicultural, multiracial societies. Some have Muslim-majority populations, others a small Muslim minority. Through hundreds of interviews with students, parents, staff, and financial supporters, the authors explored individual perceptions and experiences, as well as the triad of student/parent/school interaction. Analyzing the commonality of the schools' structures and processes in different settings, they offer their insights about the schools' success in achieving their twin goals of offering a quality education and promoting interethnic harmony.

Author: Vincent N. Parillo & Maboud Ansari
Publisher: Blue Dome Press

ISBN 9781682060322
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