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From Grandma to You

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When it comes to babies and child-rearing, few sources are more reliable, experienced and downright loving than Grandma. Featuring the counsel of over 60 grandmothers and a trusted pediatrician, these never before published recommendations, solutions, and sanity-saving techniques have benefited hundreds of grandmothers, mothers, and daughters. Readers will get time-tested advice on everything from food schedules (what to eat and when), to attachments (how to handle pacifiers, blankies, bottles, and thumbs), as well as effective, natural remedies for a host of ailments. Each chapter provides a section for mothers to record their thoughts and what their own mom said, making this an essential collection of tidbits, tricks, and tried and true measures from the women who know best.

Author: Joan Hellstrom , Connie E. Ray , Susan D. Findlay
Publisher: Sterling Publishing

ISBN 9781402718687
Dimensions: 0