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Five Minutes: (That's a Lot of Time) (No, It's Not) (Yes, It Is)

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ISBN:9780525516316, Pub.Date: 09/17/2019, Hardcover

Families everywhere will recognize themselves in this clever, hilarious, and completely irresistible picture book. Five minutes is a lot of time... or is it? Well, it depends on what you're doing, of course! Follow one little boy and his family on a very busy day, as he discovers that sometimes five minutes feels like forever--like when you're finishing up at the dentist's office or waiting in line for the bathroom or in the backseat on a long car ride--and sometimes five minutes feels like no time at all--like when you're playing your favorite game or at the tippy top of a roller coaster or snuggling up with a book before bedtime.

Author: Vernick, Audrey
Publisher: G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers

ISBN 9780525516316
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