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Fawakih Level One (1A and 1B) Flashcards

$2995 $3750

250+ Carefully curated Quranic Vocabulary words that align with Fawakih Level 1A and 1B Textbooks, with accompanying gamified vocabulary app available: fawakih.org/beginnervocab

The flashcards are slightly larger than a business card so they are easy to hold and even keep in your pocket to study on the run! Whereas Fawakih is known for the revolutionary and simple manner by which it breaks down Quranic Grammar and Morphology, vocabulary acquisition is the central to comprehension of any language.

They are carefully color coded according to the type of word (verbs, nouns, and particles) and unique in that they include verb conjugations and relevant plurals!

Learning the vocabulary in the Level 1 set will InshAllah unlock approximately 20% of Quranic words, as they are selected based on frequency of usage and those appropriate for beginner Arabic students.


Dimensions: 5 x 3.5 inches