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Faber- Castell World Colors - 15ct Beeswax Crayons


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Celebrate diversity and self-expression with beeswax crayons that allow you to create any skin tone by blending and drawing!
This crayon set comes with 9 vibrant colors and 6 blendable skin-toned colors to create art that will pop off the page with little effort
Faber-Castell beeswax crayons come in a unique giant, triangle shape making them easy to draw with and unable to roll off of a table
From 6 basic colors you can create a multitude of skin tones through easy to do blending techniques
Ages: 3+
Contents Include: Red, Yellow, Blue (Cobalt), Green, Orange, Purple, Rose (Rose Madder), White, Black, Brown, Peach (Pale Orange), Terracotta (Raw Sienna), Mustard (Yellow Ochre), Dark Brown (Van Dyke Brown), Pale Brown
Warning: NONE

Author: Faber-Castell
Publisher: Faber-Castell

ISBN 092633315569
Dimensions: 0