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Disney/Pixar Magical Adventures in Third Grade

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THE MAGIC OF DISNEY: The Disney Learning Magical Adventures in Third Grade Workbook works with kids ages 8-9 to practice math and language arts skills and gets them ready for future education.

WORKING WITH CHARACTERS: Disney Pixar's beloved characters Miguel, Lightning McQueen, Bo Peep, Sulley, Mike, and other friends keep young learners engaged with fun and educational activities while building confidence for schoolwork and developing important skills.

WHAT'S INCLUDED: This 256-page activity-packed workbook includes practice for multiplication and division concepts, phonics, reading comprehension, writing parts of speech and more- with every lesson starting with an "I Can" statement to build confidence!

EXCITING EXTRAS: 140 colorful stickers are included to motivate and reward students, as well as Hint and Did You Know activities so adults can join in the fun and parents can monitor progress with the handy answer key.

STEP AWAY FROM THE SCREEN: Unplug and cut down on screen time with this easy-to-follow format that promotes independent learning all while having fun with your child's favorite Pixar characters. The magic of Disney accompanies children every step of the way as they practice essential skills for school success.
Pub.Date: 03/31/2020, Paperback

Author: Disney Learning
Publisher: Disney Learning

ISBN 9781483858692
Dimensions: 0