Daily Prayers In Islam (Muslim Family Set)

Tughra Books

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ISBN: 9781597840057
Osman Bilgen, Ahmet Ozdemir / The Light, Inc.

Every believer is responsible for learning the basic religious knowledge that is needed in their everyday life. Furthermore, everyone bears the responsibility of instucting their children in this knowledge as well.

This book has been prepared with both these needs taken into account; it is directed at both parents and children.

In this book, the assentials of Muslim faith, the virtues and practice of wudu, ghusl, adhan, and salat are all explained clearly.

ISBN: 159784005X
Publisher: The Light, Inc.
Authors: Osman Bilgen, Ahmet Ozdemir
Format: Paperback, 48 pages, 6.75"x9.5"

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