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Common Sense Muslim: Treatise on Islamic Justice, Muslim Unity, and Islam in the West


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The Commonsense Muslim: Treatises on Islamic Justice, Muslim Unity, and the State of Islamic Affairs in the West postulates the rise and fall of human civilizations, which occurs when Islamic monotheism is present or absent. A society's level of morality predicts the cycles of human advancement or decline. When human nature and the prophetic systems align or misalign, civilizations rise and fall. The impetus for this collection of essays is to draw a correlation between Muslim unity, Islamic monotheism, Islamic State sovereignty, and the increase or decrease of morality in human rights affairs, especially as it is relevant to enjoining the good, forbidding the evil--justice and injustice. The treatise calls to warn Muslims that unity is key to solve the prevailing oppression currently afflicting humanity worldwide.

Author: Abdullah, Zaynab
Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc.

ISBN 9781662447440
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