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Cheesie Mack Is Not a Genius or Anything

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“Cheesie Mack is a true original.” —Gordon Korman, bestselling author of Swindle and Schooled

Ronald “Cheesie” Mack is not a genius or anything, but he remembers everything that happened before, during, and after fifth-grade graduation, and he’s written it all down in his own unique and hilarious way—with lots of lists, drawings, and splenderful (that’s splendid plus wonderful!) made-up words.

Cheesie—with a little help from Steve Cotler—writes about family, friendship, and tough choices in an unforgettable voice that will have kids laughing out loud. Readers of Diary of a Wimpy Kid will love both the clever humor and the black-and-white illustrations throughout.
Pub.Date: 05/08/2012, Paperback

Author: Cotler, Steve
Publisher: Yearling Books

ISBN 9780375863943
Dimensions: 0