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Cep Boy Seccade (Traveler Prayer Rug)


Prayer Mat for Traveler- Seyahat Seccadesi. Suya dayanıklı. Katlanabilir. Cep Boy Taşınabilir. Waterproof. Travel Mat. Pocket Size. Materials: 100% Polyester & 210D Waterproof material Size: 100*60cm Color: Black,red,blue,green,coffee Religion/ Spiritüalıty: İslam A blanket with a compass ımplements dual-use feature. The product is easy carry with you for any outdoor occasion. Light weight, easy to carry and store. Great for the hiking, hunting, camping, fishing and emergency use. Waterproof design can make a great shelter for you in a survival situation.

Author: ANT Stores

ISBN 47160128
Dimensions: 0