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Bright Family: Volume 1

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Explore the multiverse with the Bright Family! In this first graphic novel of the smash hit Epic Originals series, join siblings Nia and Jayden on an out-of-this-world adventure to find their missing parents.

Meet the brilliant, overachieving Bright Family: While Mom’s off-planet literally saving the world and Dad’s holed up in his laboratory, 12-year-old Nia’s trying to win every robotics competition, and her younger brother, Jayden…well, actually, Jayden’s just trying to avoid doing his homework so has more time to daydream about kaiju and design giant robots.

But when a dimensional portal sends Mom and Dad who-knows-where, it’s up to Nia and Jayden (and their robot nanny, Dusty) to bring their parents home. The question is, where in the multiverse could they possibly be?

Through their travels, the Brights—kids and parents alike—learn how one person's actions can lead to consequences that affect the whole family, and sometimes even the entire multiverse!

Author: Cody, Matthew
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

ISBN 9781524867737
Dimensions: 0