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Bridge to Light

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Bridge to Light is a unique contemporary contribution to the literature about Islam and an important new voice in interfaith dialogue. In this unusual approach, a Canadian convert to Islam recounts her reflections through a journey of understanding. Originally written as a series of articles, this teacher and writer navigates readers through everything from the basic tenets of the Islamic faith, to the Islamic way of life, Muslim beliefs about heaven, hell, and Judgement Day, the ego trap, ‘jihad,’ evolution, and the oneness of God. Delivered in a distinctly western style, the book presents ideas which are surprisingly accessible and it assumes no prior knowledge of Arabic or Islam. It should appeal to Muslims of all ages—especially youth—who want to discover or develop their faith. The book should also prove helpful to Muslims wishing to explain their religion to non-Muslim friends, co-workers and neighbours. Beyond this, it is recommended reading for spiritual “seekers” who may be wondering what it is, exactly, that Islam has to offer. At this time in history where the need for interfaith tolerance has never been greater, Bridge to Light really does provide a bridge of understanding. Author: Kathleen St.Onge ISBN: 9781597840743 Publisher: The Light Inc.


Author: Kathleen St.Onge
Publisher: Tughra Books

ISBN 9781597840743
Dimensions: 0