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Basic Chess Openings for Kids

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Basic Chess Openings for Kids - Play like a Winner from Move One

Award-winning author Charles Hertan knows what kids really need to know (and want to know) about getting their pawns and pieces ready for action. Traditional chess opening books concentrate on the variations in different openings. Charles Hertan believes that for beginners and advanced beginners memorizing lines is not only boring but also a waste of time.

Hertan's approach is different.

He helps kids to develop a solid understanding of the fundamental opening principles. What are the properties of each chess piece, and how can they be mobilized effectively to work together and get a strong position on the board?

In his trademark humurous and kid-friendly way, Hertan teaches what you should actually be trying to achieve at the start of a game. Kids will love learning how to avoid The Five Most Common Opening Mistakes. This is a fun, easy-to-use, down-to-earth and accessible chess opening primer.


  • 160 Pages
  • Paperback
  • Publisher: New in Chess
  • Published: 2015

Author: Charles Hertan
Publisher: New in Chess

ISBN 9789056915971
Dimensions: 0