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Attention Danger SATAN est la (French)

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Offering a perspective of the world as an arena of assessment and testing, this masterfully illuminating investigation explores the struggle between man and his archenemy, Satan. The book claims that success in life is based on knowing one’s enemies and developing strategies. Discussing the attributes of Satan and his methods of approach, this study references Satan’s most obvious trait—his declaration of war on humankind—and notes that his deception, whispers, trickery, and diabolical plots can only be effective when human beings display weakness. The only traditional prevention is to lead a pious life without leaving any gaps for the attacks of Satan and his aids, but this examination presents another prescription for protection from Satan’s evil—becoming spiritually equipped by attaining inner and outer unity and attaining cohesion between one’s heart and actions.

Mehmet Yavuz Seker is an Islamic theologian. He frequently speaks and writes on Islam and interfaith dialogue.

Author: Mehmet Seker
Publisher: Editions Du Nil

ISBN 9789752785038
Dimensions: 0