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Anxiety: Deal with it before it ties you up in knots

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The most common mental health problem facing Canadian children today is anxiety. It's easy to dismiss the emotional, psychological, and physical effects of anxiety in children as being ''all in their heads'' -- but doing so can have a profoundly negative impact on a child's development: socially, academically, and emotionally.
This accessible, illustrated book helps all kids understand anxiety better and offers practical ideas for coping. Filled with information, quizzes, definitions, and helpful hints, Deal With It: Anxiety helps young people identify and deal with the many different ways that anxiety is expressed, from phobias to panic attacks, in settings as diverse as home, the schoolyard, and the mall. It offers insight to everyone -- to the child experiencing anxiety, to someone who doubts the problem is real, and to a young person who witnesses another's problem.
This book adds an important new topic to the Deal With It series'' approachable and non-threatening approach to different forms of conflict in the lives of young people.

Author: Joey Mandel
Publisher: James Lorimer; Illustrated edition

ISBN 9781459407107
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