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Animals in the Quran: Search and Find Book

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Animals in the Quran: Search and Find Book is a must-have in every child's library.

Just like every living creature, animals were created by our Lord and their magnificent features introduce us to the attributes of the Creator.

This book, featuring many of the animals found in the Quran, uses bright images and fun puzzles to expose children to Allah's creation in a fun and engaging way. Explore the images to find our animal friends and hidden objects in each scene. The colorful pictures are filled with fun and surprise.

This book is a unique and captivating resource to share with your children – especially during Ramadan. 

Children will have the opportunity to reflect on verses mentioning 20 animals in the Quran as well as learn interesting facts about them.

This is coupled with delightful “search and find” activities in the beautifully illustrated pages.

Author: Jenny Molendyk Divleli
Publisher: Timas Kitab

ISBN 9786050844375
Dimensions: 10x10 inches
Pages: : 45