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American Revolution: Battle of Monmouth (DVD 2004)

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The Battlefield Detectives documentary series draws on the expertise of scientists from a host of fields to filter the events that occurred in famous historical battles through a contemporary lens. This particular episode travels back in time to rural New Jersey on the scorching day of June 28, 1778 - to revisit a turning point in the Revolutionary War between Great Britain and the 13 colonies that historians christened The Battle of Monmouth. Though the Brits foolishly assumed that the colonial soldiers were ill-equipped to face off with them on that fateful day, General George Washington was in charge - and promptly pinned his British enemies to the ground, inflicted horrific casualties, and forced the English to flee without burying their dead. In this program, a group of meteorologists, physiologists, historials and others travel to a closed laboratory environment and study how such elements as blistering heat, heavy wool uniforms and rigorous training impacted the soldiers at Monmouth. Nathan Southern, Rovi

Author: History Channel
Publisher: History Channel

ISBN 733961157338
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