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Ali's Notebook

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Ali is a Muslim immigrant kid who is trying to adapt to the US. He is struggling to find friends and learn a new language. But with his families help, he overcomes his fears and makes friends in a short time.

"Hello I am Ali! My father found a new job in the United States. So we're moving far away from everybody I know. I was very sad at first because I like my room and my home and my neighborhood and my friends very much. It made me sad and worried. We had a new life ahead of us. Everything was going to be very different. That's why I decided to keep a diary. I wrote about how I learned a new language, how I made new friends, and my first Ramadan the US. I wrote about everything that happened to me in our new home. That way, you can read all about it."

Some of the Parts from the Book:

-My First School in America

-The Artist Within

-How To Play Dodgeball

-Are Pranks Funny

-First Day of Ramadan

-We Went to Tarawih Today

-Eid Breakfast

-The Morning of Eid - Wake Up Service

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Author: Tugrul Karacan
Publisher: Tugrul Karacan

ISBN 9781732281400
Dimensions: 0