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Al-Mathnawi Al-Nuri (Mesnevi Nuriye)

$1995 $2495

This index lists all the topics in the Risale-i Nur, the author's great multivolume commentary on the Qur'an, and provides an outline for the later, more famous and massive treatise. Now available in English, it offers an overview of the material treated in the Risale-i Nur and an opportunity to browse through brief entries such as "Flower," "Spark," and "Whiff," each of which is a keyword linked to a passage in the Qur'an or a figure of speech in a theological argument.

Bediüzzaman Said Nursi was a 20th-century Turkish scholar of mathematics and philosophy who opposed the secularization of Turkish education at the end of the Ottoman Empire. He was the author of the Risale-i Nur, a 5,000-page modern commentary on the Qur'an.

Author: Bediuzzaman Said Nursi
Publisher: Tughra Books

ISBN 9781932099188
Dimensions: 0