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A Brave New Quest: 100 Modern Turkish Poems


This anthology features a wide variety of poems about social justice, love, evocations of history, humanitarian concerns, and other themes. It contains stirring examples of the revolutionary romanticism of Nazi m Hikmet; the passionate wisdom of Fazil Hüsnü Daglarca; the wry and captivating humor of Orhan Veli Kanik; the intellectual complexity of Oktay Rifat and Melih Cevdet Anday; the modern mythology of Ilhan Berk; the subtle brilliance of Behçet Necatigil; the rebellious spirit of the socialist realists; the lyric flow of the neoromantics; and the diverse explorations of younger poets. These poems are infused with their own unique flavors while speaking in an unmistakably universal style.


Author: Halman, Talat S.
Publisher: Syracuse University Press

ISBN 9780815608400
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