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At-Takallum Elementary A-2 (Arabic)

$4495 $5000

Student Book + Workbook + mp3 CD


    Modern Standard Arabic
    Cultural diversity is the common theme throughout the set
    Develops skills for reading, listening, speaking, writing
    Enriched with exercises on various subjects
    Modern teaching methods are preferred in all levels
    Fully integrated Audio CDs
    Full website integration;
    Teacher Login
    Outline and plan for the instructor
    All Vocabularies are downloadable in 15 language
    Online game using the vocabularies on the poster for the students
    Appealing new design and user friendly clear layout

 Level                            Recommended Duration         Unit   
Elementary                      120-140 Hours                          8

Visit us for technical support at www.takallum.com for more info...
For sample pages download burujbooks.com/takallum.pdf

Author: Saber Abdelfattah Al Mashrafi, Suad al Hawli, Abu Uveys Mahmud
Publisher: Buruj Books

ISBN 9789778010565
Dimensions: 0