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Tribute to Prophet Muhammed, a

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In today’s world “tribute” is most needed. We owe it to everyone who has
contributed to humanity in one way or another, for we live on their heritage
and bene􀏐it from their teachings. This is more so for people like the Prophet
Muhammad, peace be upon him, who does not deserve by any means the
misrepresentation he is having in our day and age. The “cartoon crisis” in 2005
and many similar defamatory acts that followed present a dramatic example
of how an image can be destroyed, corrupted, and publicized globally, in the
example of the blessed Prophet. No one is in favor of violent demonstrations
or the destruction of property, but at the same time no one is in favor of the
arrogant indifference to the sensitivities of Muslims and their sacred beliefs.
The tension between disrespectful behavior and uncontrolled reaction defames
to a greater extent the concepts and personalities that societies respect.

This volume is dedicated to the blessed memory of the Prophet Muhammad,
peace be upon him. Articles contributed by scholars from around the world
discuss different aspects of the Prophet and try to present us with a true image;
an image that is not duly appreciated in our world today.

Hakan Kosova is a senior editor with Tughra Books.

•Hüseyin Algül
•M. Fethullah Gülen
•Kathleen St.Onge
•Sermed Ogretim
•Alphonse Dougan
•Abdal Hakim Murad
•Thomas Petriano
•Se􀏐ik Hikmet Toprak
•Kutlukhan Shakirov
•Tahir Taner
•Hasan Horkuc
•Kerim Balci
•Ali Fuat Bilkan
•Yetkin Yildirim
•Zeki Sarıtoprak
•Ahmet Işık
•Zühdü Mercan

Author: Hakan Kosova
Publisher: Tughra Books

ISBN 9781597840774
Dimensions: 0