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Islam from Scratch: A Guide for New Muslims

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Islam in practice can often seem opaque to the outside viewer. New Muslims and non-Muslims alike look on as believers offer salah, attend Friday prayer, wear the hijab, and fast during Ramadan, not knowing the particulars of why or how these acts of worship are performed. If you are a new Muslim, or just a curious observer wanting to know more about Islam, then this book is for you.

Islam from Scratch attempts to bridge this wide gap in knowledge, helping readers understand the Islamic faith step by step, chapter by chapter. For new Muslims, this book hopes to provide you with the most critical information when taking your first steps into the faith in a way that will not overwhelm you. By the end, hopefully you will not only understand your newfound belief and the intricacies that thread it, but also appreciate the rituals and history that come with it.

“Richey successfully puts down his feelings and insights from his own experiences as a revert. He simplifies Islam and how to practice it for new Muslims with accurate resources and explanations.”
—Imam Mohamed Fouad
Islamic Society of Denton

Author: Brandon Richey
Publisher: Tughra Books

ISBN 9781597849432
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