Valuecentrics: The Heart and Science of Being Value-Centered


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ISBN: 9780982710203
Peter D. Demarest ,Harvey Schoof / Heart Lead


Life is about adding value. Success in life and leadership requires making value judgments that lead to creating greater value. The greater the quality of your value judgments, the greater success you can have personally and professionally. This book will teach you how. This book is nothing like any personal, leadership, or organizational development book or methodology that you are likely to have seen before. "Valuecentrics" is not a mystical, moral or religious philosophy or new twist on the old rhetoric of "success gurus." It is based in real science and presented herein for the first time in history. "Valuecentrics" will give you new insights and understanding about how the mind-brain connection works. You will discover the leading-edge science and ground-breaking new technologies behind one of the most powerful, value-centered personal, leadership and organizational development processes ever developed. In these pages are eye-opening techniques that can instantly liberate the tremendous reserve of untapped potential you and others already have. You'll discover that your VQ (values intelligence quotient) is far more important to your success than either IQ or EQ. What's more, VQ is objectively measurable (fro free) and improvable, through the principles of applied neuro-axiology. You'll learn about the "Central Question" (of life) that can instantly change everything about how you view yourself, your life, your work, other people, and the world. Whether you are the leader of one or the leader of thousands, this is a must-read book. What this book provides is nothing short of transformational. "Valuecentrics" holds the keys for liberating all that is magnificent about the human spirit's potential-your potential-and what's possible for our lives and organizations.

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