Tales from Nasreddin Hodja

Tughra Children

$ 9.95 $ 12.95
ISBN: 9781597842853
Cengiz Demir / Tughra Children


Young children will enjoy the wise man’s timeless stories

Two men of opposing views asked separately “Am I not right, Hodja?”
The wise man agreed with both men. The wise man’s wife caught
him out:“You said both of them were right. One of them must be wrong,
mustn’t he?”

“You are also right, my dear, responded Hodja.”

Hodja lived in 13th century Anatolia and is renowned for his wit and wisdom as revealed
in more than 350 stories and anecdotes that have been attributed to him. Children will be
engaged in the stories of this wise man who went about triumphing over life’s tribulations.
Though often teased by his village folk, Hodja always managed to emerge as a man of
infinite wisdom, fairness, patience and forgiveness. Young readers will enjoy these stories
that can teach them how to navigate through life with a sense of humor and well being.
Ages 6-9

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