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Despite the belief that the art of chinaware started in Kutahya towards the end of the 17 th century after it had come to an end in Nicaea, its outset dates back to the “Confederation of Assuva”. Some chinaware experts argue that it was originated by Hittites, and some say by Phrygians.

The main feature of Kutahyan china is that it has an historical mission of carrying the tradition from one generation to another despite the fluctuations it has gone through. This very mission is the reason why it has preserved itself from decay in the course of time. In Nicaea, the financial burden caused by the high risk of chinaware production, and the harmony to be created at and between different phases and parts, and many other difficulties stemming from the very nature of the chinaware, were being covered by the financial aids from the palace, whereas the art of chinaware in Kutahya. lacked such an opportunity.

When the Ottoman Empire faced economical bottlenecks towards the end of the 17 th century, Nicaean chinaware industry lost its main support and came to an unavoidable end. Yet, having already deprived of any governmental shield, the art of chinaware in Kutahya did not get affected from this situation, and reached today, at the hands of the artists who enthusiastically devoted themselves to chinaware, without any break throughout the ages, and moreover catching the Nicaean chinaware in quality in some periods. Among the several examples of this success are the chinas of Kursunlu Mosque in the centrum, and the coral chinas of the Tomb of Fakih, the wug of 1510 mentioned by B.Anhegges and the water bottle of 1529 in Goodman’s Collection.

While the Kutahyan chinaware has gone ahead in this manner till the last 15-20 years, it has immensely improved and is still improving, thanks to the conscious efforts after the establishment of a cooperative society(CINI KOOP.), especially in drawing, color and composition, Today, as a promising results of this improvement, nearly 20% of the population find their breadwinning job in chinaware industry.

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