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Reflections on Turkey: Turkish-American-Israeli Relations and the Middle East

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This book is a collection of the essays on Turkey that analyze the international, regional and national political developments in the last several years covering a wide variety of issues from the transformation of Turkish politics to the changing role of Turkey in its region, and from the ups and downs in the Turkish-Israeli relations to the looming threat posed by Iran’s nuclear program to the issue of Islamophobia and the rise of xenophobic political ideologies in Europe and the US. The book in general takes a critical look at the evolving Turkish foreign policy towards its immediate neighbors and the international system. Kalyoncu does intend to take stock of the past five years (2007-2012) in terms of the political and social developments that has made Turkey, Turkish-American-Israeli relations and the Middle East, what they are today.

Author: Mehmet Kalyoncu
Publisher: Blue Dome Press

ISBN 9781935295198
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