Our Own Worst Enemy

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ISBN: 9780446580434
Larsen, Randall J. / Grand Central Publishing


Former Air Force Colonel Randall J. Larsen has dedicated his career to keeping America safe. The man who many consider to be one of the foremost experts on homeland security now believes that America's government and citizens often stand in the way of their own safety--by asking the wrong questions. With the specter of ever-growing, dangerous threats, OUR OWN WORST ENEMY is a crucial book for every family. In it, Larsen offers a meticulous examination of the key issues that contribute to national security, such as the economy, border protection and immigration, and national health care. He also identifies why the government is not prepared to help us in a time of crisis (e.g. Hurricane Katrina), and lays out how citizens, communities, and businesses can protect themselves, their families, and their assets. Larsen's strict assessment will have readers asking, 'Who should be in charge of logistics during a major disaster?' 'How do we prevent a terrorist organization from becoming a nuclear power?' and 'What can I do to prepare myself and my family?

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