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M.Fethullah GULEN: Saggi, Prospettive e opinioni di (Essays) Italian

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An intellectual with a distinctive spiritual charisma, a prolific writer and poet, M. Fethullah Gülen has been an extremely effective and popular scholar of Islam for the last 3 decades.
This work presents Gülen through a short biography, a selection of various articles, his views on modern education and its importance, and how he has been presented in the media. It is by no means a comprehensive presentation of his life and influence upon millions of people; rather, it is meant to serve as an introduction to those who desire a better understanding of Gülen’s message and what it has accomplished over the years.
Paperback /130 Pages

Author: Complied by The Light
Publisher: The Light
ISBN: 1932099808

Author: Complied by The Light
Publisher: The Light

ISBN 9781597840712
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