iSLEMELi GUMUS YUZUK (Handmade Silver Rings)


Angelique Silver

$ 24.95 $ 30.00


KAZAZIYE art was transferred from Lydians , who reigned in B.C 2800 to Anatolian people. This art was improved in all of the Ottoman lands. On the last century, Kazaziye art is especially spread to different places of the world with the goal of providing income to the family budget by the housewife.

In this art, firstly ;24 carat gold and 1000 sterling silver are dissolved at high fire and then converted to fine yarns. Next, these yarns are converted into different models of jewelry by inserting the needle after strengthening combine with silk wire. Our products are totally hand made of at least 925 carat beautiful sterling silver. Pure silver is white, we use oxide to make it gray and copper for other colors. Angelique Silver products are totally handmade, very strong, elegant designer models.

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