Emerald Hills of the Heart 2 (CD Audiobook)

Tughra Books

$ 27.95 $ 34.95
ISBN: 8697403984598
M.Fethullah Gulen / Tughra Books

What is Sufism?
• Reaching true belief in God’s Divine Oneness and living in accordance with its demands.
• Heeding the Divine Speech (the Qur’ân), discerning and then obeying the commands of the Divine Power and will as they relate to the universe (the laws of creation and life).
• Overflowing with divine Love and getting along with all other beings in the realization (originating from divine Love) that the universe is a cradle of brotherhood.
• Giving preference or precedence to the well-being and happiness of others.
• Being open to love, spiritual places and associating with people who encourage the avoidance of sin and striving in the way of God.
• Being content with permitted pleasures, and not taking even a single step toward that which is not permitted.
• Struggling continuously against worldly ambitions and illusions, which lead us to believe that this world is eternal.

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