El-Nur El-Halid (Arabic) - Sonsuz Nur (Arapca) Single (tek cilt) volume


Darul Nil

$ 19.95 $ 24.95
ISBN: 9789753153553
M.Fethullah Gulen / Darul Nil


In Muhammad: The Messenger of God, Gulen delves deep into the reasons as to how Muhammad, a single man with minimum means, was able to leave indelible marks on millions of minds and souls. Rather than listing events in a chronological biography, Gulen follows an analytical framework of the Prophet's mission and character, providing numerous accounts from his lifetime. Gulen presents the Prophet in the different roles he assumed within his community as a father, husband, statesman, chief of staff, and an individual with utmost compassion, wisdom, grace, humility, and trustworthiness.

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