I'm Learning Allah's Names Set 1


Desen Kitapevi

$ 50.95 
ISBN: 9786050813524
Nur Kutlu / Timas Cocuk


The books of the series, Im Learning Allahs Names each take one of the ninety-nine names of Allah and explain them to children in a way
that they will love. Each book takes a single name, and through animal characters and the adventures that those characters go on and the things
they experience, the meaning of that name becomes illuminated to the child. Not only that, the child then forever has a very clear story to
which they can connect the meaning. At the end of each book, there is a paragraph of explanation about the stories and questions to make sure that the children understand the content and the meaning of each name. With this series, which was written by Nur Kutlu and illustrated
by Süleyman Özkonuk, kids will learn about the beautiful names of Allah and feel the love of Allah in their hearts.

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