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The most comprehensive book on Muslim names currently available on the market today, and highly recommended. This book is an invaluable collection of more than two thousand favorite Muslim names chosen from the Arabic, Persian, and Turkish languages. This unique compilation of Islamic names describes their origins, transliterations, and meanings in English. Learn about Islamic customs after the birth of a child: Adhan and Iqamah, Tahneek, Aqeeqa, circumcision, and naming the newborn. Includes the 99 divine names of God, glorious names of the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) and other prophets, sacred names of the Prophet Muhammed's family members, names of the noble Companions of the Prophet, and names of torchbearers of Islam: eminent shaykhs, spiritual and mystical leaders, and other renowned people of Islamic heritage.

Author: Ahmed Abdul Hakeem
Publisher: Pearl Publications

ISBN 9781096411307
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