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Jizn i Islamkaya Vera-Essentials of The Islamic Faith, the (Russian)-Hardcover

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inancin Golgesinde Rusca • Supranormal phenomena such as spiritualism and telepathy
• Death and spirit after death
• The realm of invisible existence: the spirit and angels
• The employment of jinn in different tasks
• Questions concerning Destiny and man's free will
• The Resurrection
• The Holy Qur'an as the Word of God and an undeniable proof for Muhammad's Prophethood

Essentials of the Islamic Faith is a selection from some of the speeches M. Fethullah Gülen has given to large audiences over a life-time of dedicated service. In these speeches, he explains the principal elements of Islamic belief - belief in the existence and Unity of God; in Resurrection and the Day of Judgment; in Divine Scriptures and other familiar themes of Islamic discourse. What is special and unique about the presentation of them in this book is that the author is constantly aware of the encroachment (and the seductive appeal) of cultural attitudes which are hostile not to Islam only but to any religious and contemplative way of life.

Hardcover / 400 Pages
Author: M.Fethullah Gulen
Publisher: Noviy Svet
ISBN: 9785983591288

Author: M. Fethullah Gulen
Publisher: Novi Svet

ISBN 9785983591288
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