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El Coran (The Koran, Spanish-Language Edition) (Spanish Edition)

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One of the great masterpieces of world thought, a work of immense religious and literary value, the Qur’an, or Cor’an in the present version, is read and studied by Muslims, spiritual seekers, and students of religion, history, and Middle Eastern culture. Considered a direct message from Allah to humanity, transmitted through the Prophet Muhammad, it extends beyond spiritual concerns to social codes of conduct, scientific knowledge, political and legal wisdom, and even prophecies of future events. Julio Cortes’s Spanish translation uses a thoughtful, sensitive style to bring to life both the poetry and the wisdom of this seminal work that has been, and remains, a guiding work in the lives of millions of people in many cultures, past and present.

Author: Julio Cortes
Publisher: Tahrike Tarsile Qur'an; Rev ed. edition (

ISBN 9781879402867
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